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How much you need to re-count professional checked cars?

News and information


News and information
  • 19 09-2019

    Placed inside car checked but not personal items

    A、The accessory items must be placed on the reserve in the box,Car checked place items shall not exceed the height of the window in the back seat,So as not to affect the driver's loading and unloading,2、The accessory items generally shall not exceed the weight150Kg,In order to avoid .....
  • 19 09-2019

    Xin state car shipping company check in process

    Do things should have process,Such ability can have a good plan,Even met can deal with emergency,Then look at xin state of cars daily check shipping company,So that each customer .....
  • 19 09-2019

    About the price of the car checked trap

    About the price of the car checked trap matters if your car is checked、BMW car,It may be some company will quote very high price!Many times the opposite charge and submitted to the high price,May give to normal .....
  • 19 09-2019

    Xin state auto shipping company is not provide for illegal car service

    The car checked are certainly a procedure,Vehicles in households to provide purchase invoice and no certificate,A licence to provide vehicle license,A driver's license,Id photocopy the relevant formalities,Logistics company car checked .....

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